Fluid Fashion with Aarsim

Water never waits; it changes shape and flows around its obstacles.  It finds secret paths, which no one else had, even conceived- like a tiny hole through on a roof or a crack in a wall.

There is do doubt that it is the most versatile of all the four elements. It can wash away earth and put out fire, it can wear a piece of metal down and sweep it away like it was nothing. Even wood cannot survive with a drink of water.

That’s the kind of power we strive for, the soft, determined strength of water which never stops and even when there is a draught, it exists in the atmosphere waiting and biding its time till it can be unleashed again.

This essence can be imbued into anything you do and we found some of it in Aarsim, a hand bag brand founded in 2006 which has swept across India while staying fluid enough to be able to cater to the varied tastes of the modern day woman.

These impeccably crafted bags are a force unto themselves and serve a utilitarian as well as an aesthetic function. T

he perfect balance between pretty, statement and tasteful.


In Mumbai, they stock:

Ensemble Bandra


Kashish infiore


In association with RockNshopWith our wedding slowly creeping up on us, the fiancé and I decided we needed some true relaxation with a sprinkle of Vitamin Sea before all the wedding chaos begins.

With both our hectic schedules and work commitments we had to choose someplace easy to get to without sacrificing on all the bells and whistles.  After much deliberation we decided that a weekend away at the Atlantis, The Palm Palm Atlantis in Dubai would be the ideal choice.

A short flight later, in what’s otherwise referred to as a desert region, we found ourselves in an underwater kingdom , unlike anything that I had ever seen before. The stunning property takes your breath away.

My dreams of being little mermaid were coming true and there was no Ursula around to dampen my Sprits .

The hotel is made  such that you don’t need to step out for anything, your every whim and desire can be made available to you within the property. As a self proclaimed water baby, the larger than life aquarium based on the lost city of Atlantis left me mesmerized and it took some self control to keep from immediately jumping in, shoes bag and all.

The entire hotel emanates this theme with divine seashell carvings on the walls. Like excited little kids we decided that the water park aqua adventure would be our first stop.

My soon to be Husband is a bit of an adventure junkie so we decided that zip lining 20 meters up in the air was the best way to start our trip and the Atlantis boasts the longest zip line in the Middle East. I decided that if I was taking one Leap Of Faith ( by getting married ) I would take another on the world’s largest water slide-  The Tower of Poseidon .

After a thrilling afternoon, it was time to soak in the sun and immerse ourselves in the Royal pool where you can enjoy the stunning Marina Skyline while sipping on your choice of delicious drinks.

At the end of a productive day, we couldn’t wait for a slower paced date night and our options were phenomenal – like Nobu , Ossiano and Ayamna all part of Atlantis.

We went with Ayamna  it’s gorgeous staircase and monochrome background made me feel like a princess walking down to meet my prince . It was one of the best Lebanese restaurants I’ve eaten at so far. Their Apricot Muhalabiya, which is made with luscious cream and nuts, should not be missed.

With impeccable service and delicious food, our week end was turning out more fabulous than we could have imagined

We Kick started the next morning  with a personal training session to burn of the calories of the meal the night before followed by a relaxing massage at the ShuiQi Spa that helped us relax our mind and body for the hectic months ahead .

The Royal Bridge Suite  is the crowning glory of the hotel and we had the opportunity to do a mini pre wedding shoot up on its iconic Terrace.

We fell in love with it. With the clear blue skies and the beautiful Arabian gulf setting the scene, we couldn’t have asked for better canvas.

The suite boasts sun terraces that span three sides of the building, private dinners cooked by the chefs.

Leaving the Atlantis with a great tan, an energized mind and a relaxed body. I can’t wait to start my next adventure as MRS Summiyya  Arnav Shah.



Outfits – RockNshop

Photography – Rahul Jhangiani

Hey there Cinderella

We all grew up with some form of Cinderella-Syndrome… When mum made me tidy my room, I would imagine up a couple of comical stepsisters and a sadistic cat that would get up to all sorts of mischief making it near impossible for me to put my clothes back into my closet. This would inevitably lead to the miraculous appearance of my Fairy godmother who would rescue me from my drudgery and send me off to meet my one true prince. This part of my performance usually lead to me raiding mums makeup drawer and tottering about in her high heels…. Which she didn’t always appreciate.

It’s all about the transformation, from caterpillar to butterfly… from a bud to a flower… this transformation is the most fascinating part of the story for me and only after I grew up did I truly appreciate the process of it all.

SU and I both truly lavish in the process of getting ready, sometimes it’s a lot more fun than the outing itself, even without a stout little old lady around singing and dancing while shooting sparks out of her wand.

Nothing beats slipping into that gorgeous cocktail ensemble, after your makeup is done and your hair is perfection especially when you’re unveiling this look to the world for the first time.

Its important to find enjoyment in these little things because when you feel confident, you look fantastic and you light up every room you walk into.

That’s the power of fashion and Vizyon is like your fairy godmother making your child hood fantasy come true.

Vizyon was founded by Shradha Murarka in 2006 and specializes in custom and Ready to wear dresses, cocktail gowns and resort wear. Their bespoke services allow you to customize your garments to suit your needs and seasonal trends. They have recently created a limited edition collection for the upcoming holiday season and we couldn’t resist styling a couple of looks for you guys.

Every one needs a fairy godmother , and even if  Vizyon doesn’t come with a wand… they can make some serious magic.

You can shop Vizyon on www.vizyon.in

Or visit Vizyon at 23A Ballygunge Place Kolkata -700019 India

Shoot Location – JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar

The Holiday Hangover

Post holiday depression is a real thing. We were bitten by the sadistic snake of sadness himself upon our descent into ChattrapattiShivaji Terminal a few weeks ago. For those of you who know his well, I am sure you can relate.

Leaving Paris felt like leaving a dear friend, which ironically is what I did actually do when I left SU behind to enjoy her mini moon with her hubby.  So you can imagine why returning to the Bay sans SU only to be thrust head first into work, heat and pollution could have been a bit of a bummer.

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to get home to my family and our little puppy NEO and my favorite little man, my nephew Squishy (sometimes referred to as Kiaan) but I did feel the weight of travel withdrawals upon my heart.

SU could definitely relate to this because when she got back to Bombay, she was in the same boat, granted her boat was bigger than mine since she got back around 10 days after I did.

Then it hit us, its all in the mind so if we cannot take Muhammad to the mountain, lets bring the mountain to Muhammad.

This blog story is a result of this very exercise, capturing the essence of the holiday state of mind.

Vero Moda stores across India are stocked full with deliciously fun pieces for all kinds of travel vibes. The vibe we exude here is a far cry from how we dressed in Paris last month since Paris was fairly nippy when we were there. A bright a sunny day in Paris is what we are envisioning right here.I just love this chocolate pleated skirt, which I teamed with a ruffled shirt and hat..I paired my look with delicate floral accessories, sunnies and loafers to keep things casual yet chic.

Su dressed down her skinny light blue jeans with an untucked floral shirt, nude booties and sunnies. The pop accessories just drive the point home.

A rich life is one rich in experiences so travel as much as you can and experience the world we are blessed to be a part of.

Shop our full looks on http://www.veromoda.in/

On Su – Sunnies , Jeans , Shirt , Necklace Bag – VeroModa

On Mi – Sunnies , Hat ,Skirt , Shirt, Ring , Necklace – VeroModa 


Do you guys remember that scene from Titanic, where Rose is in the Dining Room, having an internal meltdown about her life and future in the pretentious world of the upper class. She spots a mother and her highly coiffed and decorated little daughter having supper and being schooled on the proper mealtime etiquette … sit up straight and still, fold your napkin, use your hors d’oeuvre fork and always look pretty.


You do not have to be born in 1912 to be subjected to some of these oppressive teachings even though table etiquette is an essential part of life (nothing erks me more than seeing the partly digested food flying about in your mouth) , the entire notion of presenting a meek and pretty self to the world is outrageous.


For those of you subjected to this sort of thing, I dedicate my blog story of empowerment where we take an Indian symbol of pretty feminity (the Saree) and wear it strong and proud while speaking up against stereotypes we ladies face.


Dress up if you want to not because you have to, you do not need a man , but if you want one that’s a different story, you are nobody’s trophy- not your parents, nor your boss’s nor your husbands .

7Just because your pretty, doesn’t mean that’s all you are and never let anyone make you think so. You do not need to use your face or your body to get attention or in this day and age … to get followers, use your mind .. it’s the prettiest part of you.


Now that I have gotten that out of my system lets talk about these exquisite Intrika saris and the many ways you can make them your own through styling.


SU has belted a classic lace saree with a black and gold belt to give it shape and some edge, pushing the style further by pairing the saree with scrappy back stilettos and a cut out and studded crop top.


I have pared this powder link ice lace saree with a velvet swimsuit top and a criss cross diamond choker and scrappy gold stilettos.

Shop these looks and more from Intrika where you can select the lace saree of your dreams and enjoy free worldwide shipping.

MISU 2.0


When we started our company six years ago, we were young and bursting with ideas. Like a pressure cooker about to explode, it seemed near impossible to limit ourselves within the constraints of a stereotypical styling agency or blog. That was how The House of MISU was born, from the minds of two young girls who wanted to make a difference in the world of fashion and beyond. We have come a long way since the time of conception and have learnt a lot along the way. Our dreams have taken a more solid form and the path we personally lay brick by brick for ourselves, is looking very promising. And yet change is inevitable and it soon became time to re brand.


*Here’s a little something I bet you guys didn’t know; our first logo resulted from a doodle done by SU’s Big sis Zaaria Patni and I personally hand mixed the colors at the printers that went on to become the brand colors for these last six years.

With the New Year comes a New House of MISU. It has evolved, grown and blossomed into something so much bigger than we could have ever imagined. To capture its essence, we had to find the right graphic designer to work with.


People come into our lives for a reason. Ironically the very woman to whom we made our first sale ever 6 years ago, was the person we selected to work with.

Re branding is quite the task. It can be extremely challenging trying to limit everything one believes in and stands for into a few strokes and colors. We were nervous to make the wrong choices and tarnish all that we had worked so hard for these last few years. Design by Nasha made this process completely seamless, making it a priority to thoroughly understand MISU before diving deep into the execution. Nasha worked tirelessly to give us exactly what we wanted – A brand that was powerful, chic and timeless.

When Nasha came to us with her vision and design directions in monochrome, she very rightly said, “If it looks good in black and white, it will look good in color”. As per her advice we hung up our favourites on our walls and walked by them for a couple of days. This helped us ascertain which options spoke to us the loudest. Once we narrowed down on the design, we proceeded onto color choices. Our brand is a balance between chic-sophistication and fierceness. Hence the color grey seemed like the obvious choice. Nasha’s keen attention to detail and polished aesthetic worked its magic, helping us breathe new life into our company.


With a fresh new look, House of MISU is ready to take on the world, and we can’t wait to share everything with you guys!

It was a pleasure working with Design by Nasha. Here’s a little about the designer + her company
Design by Nasha is a New York City based graphic design studio that specializes in print design. Established in 2009, the Rhode Island School of Design graduate Nasha, has 10 plus years of professional experience in the NYC design industry. Her expertise includes, branding, wedding, and event collateral.
Five years ago, she introduced Mumbai to her signature stationery collection of exquisite designs and pop colors. Her prints have appeared on everything from fabric on the runway to home accessories.

You can see more of Design By Nasha’s work on her website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
You can buy products at Filter, 43 V.B. Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Behind Rhythm House, Fort, Mumbai 400 001. Phone: 022 2288 7070

Sisters don’t share everything

With System Professional ENERGYCODE complex


Zaaria and SU as a lot of you may know are sisters and were born only 2 years apart. They went to the same school, love a lot of the same things and share a lot of the same traits. They are both super creative, Za the painter and SU the visual stylist, they both would choose cats over dogs (I however am a dog person) and they both have a sweet tooth which would give the cookie monster a run for his money. I have known them both most of my life and even those who meet them for the first time couldn’t doubt for a second that they are sisters, so palpable is their sisterly chemistry.


But don’t get me wrong, they do also have their differences for instance Zaa cannot function without coffe where as the mere whiff of coffee sends SU into a frenzy of gags and splutters. SU tends to speak her mind while Zaa can be a little too soft at times.


One physical difference between the two is that Su has fine brown hair while Zaa has thick coal black hair. This just goes to show that sharing DNA doesn’t mean you share everything and with the help of The System Professional ENERGYCODE complex, they discovered to perfect products to suit their individual, specific needs.


They both had their scalp and hair diagnosed, after which they were prescribes combination of products from the vast range available which would tackle their specific issues. The salon professionals then went on to wash and treat their hair with the products leaving their hair feeling revitalized and luscious.

The System Professional ENERGYCODE complex products and services are available in select stores.

Location – Jean Claude Biguine at St Regis Mumbai.