B****H Don’t Kill My Vibe  

IMG_7940In our line of work, it is imperative that we stay updated at all times when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. But, weare creatures of habit and it takes a while for us to embrace these trends ourselves sometimes, especially when they are contrary to our innate style vibes.  We are pretty experimental but within our realm of comfort but we thought we would do something completely outside our usual vibe for you guys. We went a little sporty, a little edgy and a little boho for this story by taking some super basic pieces from ONLY and mixing them with some statement pieces from our own wardrobe for some extra MSU magic.


The sporty chic trend has taken the fashion world by storm and even though we have experimented with it a little in the past, we haven’t felt like we could truly make that trend our own in real life. But all it took was a great fitting pair of jeans and white kicks to change all that. You guys know SU is not exactly a sneaker and vest kinda gal but she found the sporty sweet spot by adding a Monochrome printed blazer and hat to the basic skinny jeans and vest look to break the monotony.  She folded her jeans to add a preppy touch to the ensemble and draw attention to her wicked white kicks.


I took a basic black tee shirt dress and threw on a printed monochrome sleeveless shirt to break the black. I just got these wicked black and gold booties on sale and have been trying to figure out a way to work them into a look that didn’t involve jeans for a while now. As you can see, this was the perfect opportunity to break out these beauties to add some edge to my look. A silver statement necklace keeps the balance between boho and chic.


These looks are both super casual and comfy without being run of the mill. We absolutely love versatile ensembles and these looks can be tweaked easily to change the vibes completely.


So Ladies, do not shy away from trying out new trends but do not be part of the herd and blindly copy what you see, try to make the trends your own and stay true to your personal style. Never compromise on who you are but always stay stylish.


Shop Our Looks at ONLY


Tee Shirt dress and sleeveless shirt- ONLY

Shoes- Stuart Weitzman


Jeans, Vest, Blazer- ONLY



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