The Yin to my Yang #StrongerTogether

DSC00291Nobody is born strong; they are made strong through trials & tribulations, revelations, hard work and most important of all, a special kind of love.

Not everyone gets to become strong, some prefer to depend upon the strength of others, some just never got a chance to work up to or just do not have the right people in their lives.


As you may have already realized, this blog story is a tribute to true love in every form, the kind of love that gives you immeasurable strength and can come from any kind of relationship. Ours is one such relationship and to truly express this, we chose ensembles from the ever-brilliant Gaurav Gupta who has taken the fashion world by quite a storm, especially when he closed for LFW 2015 with a phenomenal Couture show



The bold structure and strong lines of the dresses speak of strength   while the beautiful beadwork embroidery appeals to our feminine side (we all know there is nothing better than a strong female).  His drapes are just divine, managing to make us feel like opulent and elegant warriors.


We like to think we are pretty dam strong. I mean we have been through some rough stuff ourselves and risen from the ashes like Faukesthe Phoenix (Yes I am secretly a Harry Potter geek), all fired up to take on the world again. Our strength also comes from the fact that no matter what happens or who/what we choose to take on, we can always depend on one another.


Yin and Yang is the Chinese concept of duality forming a whole and there is no better way of describing our relationship. SU is the Yang to my Yin, if she is day I am Night, if she is soft, I am hard….

What I mean to say is together we are stronger; we are complete, we are balanced and perfectly whole.


If you have someone who makes you feel stronger, we would love to hear about it.




Gown- Gaurav Gupta

Watch- Bvlgari from Watches of Switzerland




Gown- Gaurav Gupta

Watch-Christian Dior from Watches of Switzerland



Photo Credit- Gaurav Sawn

Hair – Lekha Shah – The Cut Collective


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