The Thing about Bling

DSC07772There is such thing as too much and these days, with the state of things across the globe- human beings are becoming quite excessive in their ways.

Everyone’s life seems to be consumed by excess – excess stress, excess substance abuse, and excess intolerance … the list goes on.

Did you know that the state of society directly influences fashion trends and consumer habits? Perhaps the sneaker trend is so in vogue at the moment because of the present heated environment; fueled by terrorism and political upheaval that has inspired the general public to dress such that they are ever ready to make a break for it.


Comfort has also become a massive factor when it comes to the prominent trends of today.  Never before has it been more OK to wear your boyfriend’s Tee with ripped jeans out to dinner.

I personally am quite happy about this and we ourselves have whole-heartedly embraced this super casual chic trend as a part of life now, which we will not be willing to give up too easily.


Ofcoursesometimes-even cute tees need some razzle dazzle and that is where the subtle embellishment trend comes in. There is definitely such a thing as too much bling and this is one excess we implore you all to avoid.  After some careful hunting, we found perfectly balanced ensembles at ONLY to show you guys how to embellish the right way.

I went for a breezy blue skort and shirt look. The supple, denim shirt is embellished with crystals and works great with the baby blue skort. I threw on my favorite hat, which I procured during my bachelorette in Croatia and a pair of creamy loafers to finish the look. The Monochrome purse sets off the tone on tone ensemble and provides a safe place stash my essentials.


SU found a great striped and embellished tee that she paired with a pair of lightly ripped, light skinny jeans. The red belt works really well with the super cute details on the tee. Sneakers and sunnies complete her ensemble, keeping her comfortable and sprint ready.


We absolutely love the versatility of embellished clothes because they can be worn in interesting ways. It is nice to have a versatile closet during uncertain times when styles, silhouettes and trends are constantly changing.


So ladies, have fun with bling but don’t let bling get the better of you, you want to shine not blind !!


Shop our looks from



Skort/Shirt/bracelet/Purse- ONLY

Hat- Boutique in Dubrovnik




Jeans/Tee Shirt/Belt/Rings/Cuff- ONLY



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