Pop goes the color

DSC04944Post wedding depression is a real thing and don’t let anyone let you think otherwise. Don’t be appalled by this, I promise this story ends well.

Post wedding depression is a real thing and don’t let anyone let you think otherwise. Don’t be appalled by this, I promise this story ends well.


I mean if you think about it, it’s a total bummer when everything stops being about ‘you’ and your ‘big day’. Also, those ridiculously stunning ensembles that took months to get made and cost an arm and a leg are no longer waiting to be worn, they have been used and put away for who knows how long. We go back to doing our own hair and makeup, wearing regular clothes and all in all being a regular person.


Another major bummer occurs when you realize getting married isn’t all about looking fabulous, being in love and getting presents, it involves actual major changes like moving out of your beloved home and moving in with a boy who may or may not snore every night. Packing and organizing 26 years worth of stuff is no small feat and can become a very emotional experience. Especially when you are a bit of a hoarder and have a major addiction to shoes. I am one of the lucky ones though, this I cant deny. I have a gorgeous new walk in closet that I cant wait to show you all and a brilliant new family whom I adore.


But nonetheless, leaving home is hard and could certainly cause some post wedding depression. But like most things in life, this too shall pass and until it does, we decided to fight the depression with a little fun, fashion and family bonding.


Bright and cheerful colors are a great way to fight the blues- however silly the reason for them may be. Colour blocking is a fantastic way to wear bright colors without looking too OTT. After all the formal dressing and heavy makeup, we went with simple and chic ensembles from VERO MODA in cheerful colors like red, green, blue and yellow.

DSC05026I am wearing Denim capris with a canary yellow sleeveless tee. I usually avoid yellow because I feel it can make me look a little sallow but by throwing on the printed sleeve-grey jacket, I managed to break the yellow without taking away from its sunny demeanor. I added a touch of gold with a necklace and threw on a pair of white sneakers to finish.


SU went with a cherry red sweater that feels as good as it looks. She paired it with a well-fitted pair of blue jeans and electric blue pumps. To keep the look casual, all she had to do is fold the jeans and pick a simple blue sling. A black and gold cuff with a woven necklace adds the final touches.


Now change can be scary, we know this and can be hard to stomach at first even if it is a good change but by surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, you can handle anything. Something’s though will never change like out friendship, the love we have for you guys and the love we have for fashion.


Shop our looks on www.veromodaindia.com


Capri Pants/Top/Jacket/Necklace- VERO MODA





Jeans/Sweater/Cuffe/Necklace/Bag- VERO MODA

Shoes- ZARA


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