Never before has being obsessed with something paid off so well. Trouble Andrew’s very first luxury possession was a GUCCI watch and from there stemmed his deep devotion to the brand. He was so enamoured with the brand that he tried to turn everything around him into GUCCI even if it was something as tragically mundane as a garbage can. It was his world and he would do whatever he wanted with it, make it as beautiful, as funky or as insane as he saw fit with GUCCI, the god of fashion reigning supreme.


Imagine if one day Alessandro Michele reaches out to you and says “ Here is my newest GUCCI collection, use it as your canvas, have your way with it” That’s exactly what happened with Trouble, He was given free creative reign to paint all over the GUCCI AW16 Collection and the results were beyond wicked.


This collaboration sends a strong message out to the fashion world that says there truly is freedom in fashion, freedom to create without limitations while breaking all the pre historic rules of branding and pretension.



The GUCCIGHOST collection is a testimony to how one man’s fire was recognized and given free reign to create amazing things.


The Trouble with Gucci is that we just can’t get enough of this collection.


So we had to take the insanely cool GUCCI Ghost GG Marmont out to the streets of Mumbai to play.


The collection is now in stores !!


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