About Us

MISU Fashion Consultants is a company, which was started by two ferociously passionate young ladies, an artist and a designer- who noticed a gaping void in the landscape of fashion and styling in their country.
“We come as a pair – two points of view that almost always differ but when brought together; they result in something truly fabulous. We go by Mitali Sagar and Summiyya Patni.

Mitali Sagar- An Indiana University Grad with a degree in Fine Arts, Apparel Merchandising and Art History. After graduating I dove into PR to get the lay of the land before embarking on my own journey as a fashion entrepreneur. My inspirations are often triggered by the most unassuming of things, colors, prints, songs, cloud formations, anything that sets fire to my mind is worth using.  My mother has always said to me -why be a pigeon when you can be a peacock? Till this day I live by this statement and our brand aesthetics’ clearly represent this It is not whom you are wearing but how you are wearing it.
Fashion is that feverish pitch upon which I live, no matter where I am or what I am doing in life. True style need not be daunting, and once you embrace it, you will be FIERCE.

Summiyya Patni- I Studied in  Jai Hind College before taking on jewellery design and manufacturing at the Indian Institute of Jewellery. My true calling has always been fashion and paving new ways in the world of style. I have been designing for my own clothing label since the age of sixteen, which set the groundwork for the birth of our product line “House of MISU”.
A sense of style, no matter how unorthodox or inspired should have an air of ease to it, only then can it be considered truly stylish. This is what I want for all our clients.
Together we are an extraordinary duo and promise to do extraordinary things.


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